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Can You Help?

There is plenty of scope for a lot of "Reader Participation" on this site! I have listed a few areas where you can make a contribution below. Additionally, I sometimes get questions that I can't answer and then I really do need your help.

The information we receive is incorporated in to The Radar Pages and is often the trigger for new pages or even complete sections.

If you need/can help, please send your contributions to me. You'll find my E-mail address in the Contact The Editor page.

To this end here is the "Can You Help" page.

I would also be interested in hearing from folk who worked on overseas radars so if you served at overseas sites (Bukit Gombak, Singapore - Timo Shan, Hong Kong - Troodos, Cyprus etc, please excuse and correct my spelling!) please get in touch. Tell us where you served, where you were billeted, unit/Sqd. numbers, what radars you worked on etc.

I have received several suggestions for items to be included in "The Radar Pages". It will take a while to research them all and write up the articles, but in the meantime does anyone have any information on the following?:

1. The Fylingdales ICBM radar systems? (thanks to Aaron V. Allen for this suggestion).
2. Cobra Mist OTH radar at Orfordness? No UFO information though, Please!(thanks to Dr. Paul E Howland for this suggestion).
3. Radar Type 88 (L and S band back to back) and Radar Type 89 (height finder). These ex-Army Thunderbird guided missile system radars were modified and put into R.A.F. service in the tactical role. (thanks to Ken Allen for this suggestion).
4. Radar Type 83 "Stingray" Bloodhound radar (Thanks to Lew Paterson and Richard Vernon for this suggestion)
5. AN/TPS-34 and AN/UPS-1? (thanks to Ken Allen for this suggestion).

In addition to the above items I am always looking for more information on the radars and systems featured on this site.

I am particularly interested in R.A.F. involvement and how these systems were integrated into the UK air defence system. As you might expect, these systems were highly classified in their day, but if anyone can pass on declassified information, photographs and data I would be grateful. I do appreciate the contributions made by readers, as I am sure do other readers. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Can I help? Yes you can!

There are a number of ways you can help to build this site in to a valuable resource:

"I served with him!"

Do you know anybody who once worked on air defence ground radar who has become famous, infamous or prominent? E.G. - radio, television, movies; politicians; athletes; ... You name it, I'd like to know about it. Did you know that BBC Radio presenter John Peel was a radar man? And who was the DJ on the "Bawdsey Forces Network" who went on work at Radio Luxembourg (Dave Prince?)?

"Faults Control"

Broken links, inaccurate data, incorrectly identified photographs and spelling mistakes all detract from the quality of the site. Please let me know if you find a problem so that I can correct it.

"Gentlemen, that reminds me..."

We all have a tale to tell; the pathos, the agony, the humour of working with radar, life in the services, odd assignments etc. If you have something we can all get a laugh from please send it in and I'll post it up here.

(P.S. This section is slowly growing, However it will rapidly become very boring unless you send me some content. I cannot keep on pinching the good stuff from my relatives, Radomes, Inc. and other people's web sites).

"Oral History"

The idea of the "Oral History" pages is to build up a collection of histories and memoirs, the experiences and recollections of those people who "were there". It matters not whether you played a pivotal role or if you were one of the countless people who "did their bit". War time and peace time, our memories will help future historians to develop the context in which the momentous events of our times took place. Please send me your recollections no matter how mundane you think they might be and if you need any help in forming your work I'll be happy to advise you. Remember, its your thoughts and experiences I want, so write about your career, where you served, who you served with, write about the good times and the bad times, friends and colleagues you loved, hated, respected or despised (but remember the libel laws!). My thanks to you in anticipation of receiving your contribution.

"News Items"

Is the R.A.F. opening up/closing down a radar station? Do you have some air defence or radar related news? Is your station holding an open day or hosting an air display? If so drop me a line and I'll post it here for all to see.


Are you holding a reunion? Arranging a group visit? Having a get together with old pals? If so drop me a line and I'll announce it here.

"Keep me informed"

Do you want to know about significant up dates to this site? I'm thinking about setting up an E-mail database to let you know when something new appears on the site. It might be possible to expand this into a regular newsletter if you send in enough material. Give it some thought and drop me a line.

"RAF Radar"

The work on this part of the site still has a long way to go. Mostly I need photographs and technical detail to fill out the pages. Also I need to know if an item of Air Defence hardware is missing. Please, if you have any data, articles or photographs I could use, get in touch.

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