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UPS-1 Tactical Radar

Radar type UPS-1
(sketch from JSP 6 via Richard Vernon)

Radar type UPS-1 radiation pattern
(sketch from JSP 6 via Richard Vernon) 

The UPS-1 is a lightweight assault radar which can be lifted and positioned by Wesswx type helicopters. It has a limited early warning performance but no height finding capability. It is fitted with Moving Target Indication (MTI). It has a limited fighter control capability. (from JSP 6)

Radar Type UPS-1 (from JSP 6)


: 1250 - 1350 Mhz

Wave length

: L-band

Aerial rotation

: 15 r.p.m.

Air transportable

: Yes


: Parabolic slatted reflector

Vertical beam width

: 10o

Horizontal beam width

: 3.5o

Peak power

: 1000 kW


: 267 (800 on MTI)

Pulse length

: 4.2 uS (1.4 uS on MTI)

RX amplifier

: Lin, bandwidth 145

Range accuracy

: ▒2 nm on 275 nm rang scale

Range resolution

: 0.5 nm at 20 nm

Bearing accuracy

: 1o

Bearing resolution

: 4o at 50 nm

Height accuracy

: N/A

Range on "Canberra" at 20,000 feet

: 150 nm

Range on "Canberra" at 40,000 feet

: 150 nm

 Editors note: I am indebted to Richard Vernon for providing the sketches and the technical details of British operated versions of the UPS-1 tactical radar.

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