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25/01/2009 Letter complaining about the BBC refusal to air a DEC appeal for funds to provide humanitarian relief to Gaza sent to the BBC



For only the second time in the life of The Radar Pages I have been tempted to use the web site to comment on an issue. My wife and I have been following recent events in the middle ease with growing horror as the scale of the humanitarian disaster in Gaza became clear. The refusal by the BBC to air a DEC appeal for funds to provide humanitarian relief to Gaza moved us to post this complaint:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922
G2 3WT

25th January 2009

Dear Sirs,

My wife and I wish to register our protest at your decision not to air an appeal by the DEC to raise funds for humanitarian aid for Gaza.

Following the recent Israeli incursions into Gaza that region is desperately in need of humanitarian relief. Thousands of people have no homes, access to fresh water or medical aid. Many homes, food distribution centres, clinics and hospitals have been destroyed or rendered unusable, the infrastructure has been shattered.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Member Agencies are:


British Red Cross


Care International

Christian Aid


Help the Aged

Islamic Relief



Save the Children


World Vision


These organisations have proven track records in providing humanitarian aid to all that need it, regardless of their religious or political beliefs. You will note that the membership includes Christian, Islamic and secular organisations.

The issue is not of being seen to support one side or another, indeed by not broadcasting the appeal you leave yourselves wide open to accusations of pro Israeli behaviour. The issue is about whether the BBC is prepared to use its huge resources in order to help to bring humanitarian relief to people who are in desperate need.

Yours faithfully

Dick and Sandra Barrett

(updated 17/7/2003)

"O liberte!, O liberte! Que de crimes on commet en ton nom!"
"O Liberty! O Liberty! How many crimes are committed in your name!"

Madame Jeanne-Marie Phlipon Roland (1754-1793)

During the lifetime of The Radar Pages I have studiously avoided political comment on this web site, however I feel bound now to comment on recent events in the Middle East.

    The war against Saddam Hussein is winding down; our soldiers, sailors and airman are coming home to their loved ones. Our losses, thank God, have been light and our thoughts and prayers are with those families for whom there will be no celebrations. We should also remember that many Iraqi people were killed and injured, military and civilian. They didn't want a war any more than we did, they too did their duty as they saw it.

    It may be too early to reflect on the recent conflict, however history has a habit of judging our actions. I have a nagging suspicion that the UK and the USA will be judged by history and found wanting. Prior to the commencement of hostilities much emphasis was put on Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, this despite the UN inspectors failing to find any hard evidence of their existence. Even now that western forces can roam throughout Iraq with impunity the UK and the USA have failed to provide conclusive proof that their invasion was justified on these grounds.

    Similarly, much was made of Saddam Hussein's tyrannical rule and his crimes against his own people, yet sadly there are several heads of state of whom similar claims can be made and the probabilities of action being taken against them seem very small. Many countries now posses weapons of mass destruction. Does this mean that possession of these weapons makes them a real and present threat to the west?

    So if the recent conflict was not about weapons of mass destruction or tyrannical rule what was it about? Can it be that all that differentiates Iraq from other countries are its oil reserves?

    Given that the Arab world judges the west by its actions towards them it should come as no surprise to the west when it discovers the level of hatred leveled against them by many Arab people. Even a cursory glance at the West's involvement in the Middle East over the last century or so will reveal a catalogue of interference, subversion and downright colonialism. Consider post war western involvement in Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, in fact any country in the Middle East for that matter.

    The Iraqi domestic infrastructure was totally destroyed in the conflict and very little has been done to replace it. Hospitals have next to no facilities or medicines, there are few doctors able to practice effectively, education is non-existent, looting is rife and law and order have broken down. British and US personnel are still being injured or killed on an almost daily basis in a highly questionable political cause. In an unholy political alliance that has put the future of the Anglo-US relationship in great peril, George Bush, the representative of American right wing extremism, and Tony Blair, the leader of the British Labour Party (a socialist party that has abandoned the left and moved into the right of centre politically) have both conspired to emphasize the rights of their governments to wage war on Saddam Hussein and to build a new Iraq; they have however failed in their obligations to the people of Iraq, the wider Arab world and indeed the whole world in general.

    All wars are political in the final analysis; in the service of our countries we carry out our duties to the best of our abilities. It is the duty of our governments to ensure that our blood is not poured forth lightly.

    Was the war against Saddam Hussein right and just? I for one have serious doubts.

    Chain Home tower demolished
    (October 2000) 

    Chain Home tower at R.A.F. Bawdsey (photo - Posford Duvivier)A Suffolk landmark has been demolished after standing tall and proud for many years, a highly visible symbol of British engineering excellence and ingenuity. The 350 foot tower at the former R.A.F. radar station at Bawdsey was toppled recently after standing for more than 60 years.

    The tower was one of four similar towers at Bawdsey that supported the transmitter antennae for the "Chain Home" radar system. This tower is of particular historic importance because it was a part of the worlds first operational air defence radar system, becoming operational on 24 September 1937.

    Bawdsey Manor was purchased by the Air Ministry in 1936 and Robert Watson Watt moved his research team there from Orfordness to developed his radar theories. The research team put in a supreme effort, ensuring that Britain had a credible air defence system in operation before the outbreak of the Second World War. More pictures are posted here. A detailed description of the Chain Home system is available here.

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