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Oral History

The idea of the "Oral History" pages is to build up a collection of histories and memoirs, the experiences and recollections of those people who "were there". It matters not whether you played a pivitol role or if you were one of the countless people who "did their bit". War time and peace time, our memories will help future historians to develop the context in which the momentous events of our times took place. It is also a sad fact that none of us is getting any younger, and unless we record our reminiscences and experiences the knowledge of what we did might one day be lost forever.

Please send me your recollections no matter how mundane you think they might be and if you need any help in forming your work I'll be happy to advise you. Remember, its your thoughts and experiences I want, so write about your career, where you served, who you served with, write about the good times and the bad times, friends and colleagues you loved, hated, respected or despised (but remember the libel laws!). Do not worry if you cannot remember it all to start with; the very act of writing down your memories often stimulates the brain and you recall much of what you thought you'd forgotten. My thanks to you in anticipation of receiving your contribution.

The Histories 

M. J. B. Scanlan
Chain Home Radar
Early Centimetric Ground Radars

Herbert (Henry) Hall 

A personal memoir of the Second World War

Dick Barrett

 John V. Diamond

In Defence Of The Realm 1954 to 1959

Colin Gompertz

A Clerk Org's National Service at R.A.F. Bawdsey



Other Oral History resources:
Gardner L. Friedlander has put a nice Oral History together at http://freepages.military.rootsweb.com/~memoirs/ Gardner put the history together for his children, it does not contain descriptions of the violence of the war making it a nice, safe site for young people to visit. The text is lively and engaging and there are many interesting graphics and pictures. Gardner's site ranks as one of the best of the genre.

There is a fascinating article entitled "Forty years of Marconi Radar 1946 to 1986" from the "GEC Review" vol.13, no.3, 1998 at http://www.marconi.com/media/gecjournals/gecreview/v13n3/p172.pdf This first class article, written by two men who were at the heart of Marconi Radar, gives a fascinating insight into the commercial, political and technical aspects of providing air defence radar equipment to the R.A.F. This article also features one of the few descriptions of the RX12874 Passive Detection System.

Get your free copy of Acrobat reader here!Adobe Acrobat .pdf version (488k) You can either open the article from here by left clicking on the link once or you can save it to disc by right clicking the link once and selecting the "Save Target As..." option.

You can learn more about Oral History by visiting David J. Wood's web site. David is building up a collection of more general oral histories at http://www.oralhistory.co.uk

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