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Radar Personalities

These pages are dedicated to, and feature, the skills and tenacity of the people whose work has helped to develop Radar in all its forms.

These pages are not exclusively Radar, the early pioneers, the engineers and the scientists whose work has contributed to our radar knowledge and experience are included. If you think of anyone who should be in these pages please drop me a line with some biographical notes and I'll include them in this section.

Included so far are Sir Robert Watson-Watt, Alec Reeves and Guglielmo Marconi, Other names that have been suggested for inclusion include F. G. "Taffy" Bowen, A.P. Rowe, Sir Bernard Lovell, Dr. Hans Erich Hollmann, Arthur C. Clark, H. A. Boot and J. T. Randall, all of whom will be included once biographical notes have been written.

Old radar men never die - Their echoes fade away in accordance with the inverse fourth power law

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