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Spam vendors: Am I polluting you lists? Well, that's rough justice for you! The answer is easy; leave me and my domains alone.

I've put up with your rubbish and filth for long enough.

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Spam Facts

Spam Email distributors steal your bandwidth to send you unsolicited Email
Spam Email distributors do not care who receives their rubbish. Children receive Email containing sexual references and links to web sites containing pornographic images.
Spam Email distributors often hide code in their messages that can identify your Email address as "live", thus enabling them to clean up their address lists and hit you with more spam.
Spam Email can lead to Trojans and viruses being installed on your computer.

it's Magic!One of the quickest and easiest way to get rid of spam is to delete it directly from the mail server, before it gets to your PC, before it can identify your Email address as live and before it can do any damage to your PC. Magic Mail Monitor is a shareware Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3) compliant Email notifier for Windows that lets you look at your mail on your ISP's Email server directly, without down loading it. You can then delete the obvious spam immediately and examine suspect mails before deciding to down load your mail into your mail programme. This is much more efficient than using Web mail facilities to clean up the mail server for instance. I've been making extensive use of this little gem; our mail server was receiving 1300+ spam mails a day recently and without this programme we'd have been up all night clearing up the mess. Valeriy Ovechkin has made his Magic Mail Monitor freely available at


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