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All you ever wanted to know about British WWII and Cold War air defence radar

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 The Radar News

 Radar Theory

 Section 1
 Section 2

 RAF Radar

 Radar Types
 Chain Home
 The CHL (Chain Home Low) Air Defence Radar System
 Chain Home Extra Low
 Ground Controlled Interception
 The air defence of the United Kingdom - Post war planning
 The "Rotor" radar system
 Master Radar Station
 The British Linesman air defence radar system
 Martello air defence search radar
 Tactical, Air Traffic Control and airfield radars
 Navigational Aids
 The Bloodhound SAGW system
 Miscellanea All those odd and interesting air defence items that do not fit anywhere else

 Radar Personalities

 Alec Reeves

 Oral History

 Dick Barrett
 Colin Gompertz
 Herbert (Henry) Hall
 M.J.B. Scanlan
 M.J.B.Scanlan; Chain Home Radar - A Personal Reminiscence
 M.J.B.Scanlan; Early Centimetric Ground Radars - A Personal Reminiscence

 Gentlemen, that reminds me.... Humour in uniform

 A glossary of radar terms

 We need your help!

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 Cable and Wireless - Brechin Satellite Earth Station


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