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The Radar Theory Pages

The Radar Theory Pages are taken from the R.A.F Standard Technical Training Notes (STTN) AP3302 Part 3 (2nd edition), the manual used in Royal Air Force Apprentice training from the mid 1960's to the early 1970's. The original document is quite out of date now, some of the symbols used are no longer in use for example and valves are mostly a distant memory. Eventually I hope to add appendices that reflect current practice but for the mean time I want to recreate the feel of the original manual.

I have endeavored to recreate the layout and page numbering of the original manual in order to retain the "feel" of the original. To support this "feel" I have placed buttons at the bottom of each page that allow the user to got to the next page, the previous page or return to the top of the current page. Therefore this section works like a book, just turn the page when you reach the bottom. To facilitate navigation I will include the contents and index pages complete with hypertext links eventually, in the mean time you will find links to the various sections on the left hand panel

The original document contains over 650 pages. This represents a lot of work with the PC and the scanner in order to get it all into HTML. I use Textbridge to scan the text and Paintshop Pro and MS Photoeditor to scan and manipulate the images. Please be patient, I'm sure I'll get all 650 pages onto the network eventually!


Onwards to AP 3302 Pt3


Onwards to AP 3302 Pt3

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