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Type 87 Scorpion radar

Howard Toon took these photographs of the Type 87 Scorpion radar in the Muckleborough Collection. The Type 87 was a CW target tracking radar, the large round dish is the TX aerial, the other large dish is the RX aerial. The very small dish you can just see on the end of the arm between the two large aerials is the exact same dish as was in the nose of the missile. This is used for "Jamming assessment". The tube between the dishes is a tracking camera

The radar aerials are normally mounted on top of large compartments (not the brick building shown here - Ed.) which comprised of a machine room (air conditioning and power),a transmitter room (two transmitters) and a data extraction room. The radar receivers were located up behind aerials. The whole system was air transportable.. so they said and put together like a large Meccano set. Tom Vellacott was on 112 squadron in Cyprus and says that they took all the units out by sea!

Thanks to Howard Toon for the photographs, and to Tom Vellacott, Joe Marsden and Phil Edon for the descriptions.

Radar Type 87 (Photo: Howard Toon) 

Radar Type 87 (Photo: Howard Toon) 

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 Radar Type 87 (Photo: Howard Toon)

Display Control cabin (Photo: Howard Toon) 
(Was this cabin a Bloodhound component? Ed.) 

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