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Tactical, Air Traffic Control and airfield radars

Type 82 "Orange Yeoman" radar

My thanks to Paul Pennycook for locating the following information that appeared in AP115A-0100-1 (2nd edition) Section 1 sheet 7:

Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
FGRI 5957 ABC Type 82

Radar Type 82 (from AP115A-0100-1)

Radar Type 82
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To provide an integrated military and civil air traffic control service available to aircraft (usually military) flying along upper air space routes and to aircraft climbing out from or approaching airfields within the control area of the radar unit.

Brief description

FGRI 5957 is a fixed ground installation comprising a radar head (radar Type 82) and an associated but separate air traffic control centre (ATCC) which, together, make up an air traffic control radar unit (ATCRU).

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