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No.1 Radio School crestRoyal Air Force ApprenticeRAF Locking crest

 (RAF Locking crest &No.1 Radio School crest purloined from RAF Apprentices and Boy Entrants home page: http://www.appbe.com/)


219 Entry Craft Apprentices - click to enlarge!

219 Entry Radar Craft Apprentices, R.A.F. Locking 1972

Back row: Andy Anderson --Kevin Shenton--Jim Birnie--Ian McGurk--Ian Thornhill--Sheldon McDonald--Tony Kermeen--Derry Thompson
Dave "Wally" Waldren,
Centre row: David "Fez" Ferris--Paul Broad--Mark "Joker" Wyeman--Dick Barrett--Glynn Wilson--Tony Marriot--Paul Rowe--Bob Norrie
Martin Hodgetts--Les Jones
Front row: Phillip Holmes--Sid Marlow--Ian Hall--Sgt. Greaney--Flt. Lt. Burke or Powell?--Cpl. Fieldhouse--Brian Cotterill--
Derek Parfitt--Phillip Pearson

(Click on the picture for an even larger view! Use your browser's "Back" button to return here)

I'm trying to put names to faces but 30 years have played havoc with my memory, so if you're here or if you know anyone here please let me know. Hopefully we can put a name to every face. (Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with names to fill in the gaps) 


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