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I was delighted to receive this Email from Herbert (Henry) Hall and I am extremely grateful to him for sending the following extract from his memoirs:

Dear Dick,

As you see I enclose my recollections of serving with the RAF during the last War on various ground radar stations, and I hope you will find my story of some interest. It is actually an extract from my own much fuller memoirs but with a lot of personal family references omitted.

I found your web pages from a reference quoted in the last quarterly newsletter of the Bawdsey Radar Research Group whose editor is John Langford at 11 Larchcroft Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP1 6AR. I became a subscriber to their newsletter called "The Beam" a few years ago when I was following up a reference in the Suffolk Press to the demolition of the last 360ft radar tower at Bawdsey. I was interested as I was trained initially at Bawdsey but never managed to return there. If you want more Oral Histories I suggest you contact John Langford who is very helpful and has a wide range of contributors.

Since the war I lost touch with all my associates especially when I emigrated to New Zealand in 1970. So I hope that the the circulation or mention of my memoir will bring to life some of the many who knew me as Henry Hall during 1939-45. After two years back with the BBC after the war I successively worked for BOAC for 3 years, then the Marconi Company at Chelmsford for 20, travelling the world for them in connection with radar, radio communications and broadcasting equipments, until I found the ideal home here in New Zealand. I retired in 1986 and became more active in the church, eventually being ordained at the ripe old age of 76 and now look after two small congregations.

With best wishes,

Herbert (Henry) Hall


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