Gentlemen, that reminds me....

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Gentlemen, that reminds me....
(Or, Pull up a sandbag lad, I wanna tell you a story!)


Caption Contest
(Just for fun!!)

From time to time I'll put up a photograph and the wits amongst you can send me your captions using the form below. No prizes, just the kudos of seeing your name on one of the worlds premier radar web sites! Please go to Contact the Editor to send in your entry.

Robert Swan, UK "According to this all our bullets are 2 miles away"

Anonymous, "How do you turn this TV off? George W. Bush is talking again"

Gordon Hanson, Doncaster, UK: "We never had this trouble with the ZX81....."

Tom Cooley, Leominster, Massachusetts, USA: "Did you want pepperoni on that pizza?"

John Mcloughlin, Salford, UK: "When I say "now", hit 'em with the blue screen of death !"

James Pugh, Pittsburgh, USA: "Damn it, it says we need to reinstall windows again before we can target the mortars."

Andrew Hearn, Worthing, UK: "They told me this was a Stylophone"

Armin Doerry "Damned Microsoft gun..... it says we need to install Service Pack 3 before we can reload..."

Paul Thomas, UK: "According to QUAKE, if I used a BFG I wouldn't need to be here now!!"

Laurence Giles, UK: "He he he... yunno George, if you hold down Ctrl + Alt + X you get to see Lara Croft perform a striptease..."

Your editor: "Now then lad, wait 'til you see the whites of their eyes... 'ere, wot you doin'?" "I'm just checkin' me e-mail Sarge!"


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