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The "Radar Pages" Guest Book Archive
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Name: Dick Barrett (Homepage)

Country: Scotland

Date: Thu Feb 1 12:13:28 2001

Comment: Thanks for all your comments and interest folks, please keep them coming in and please feel free to email me with your suggestions, recollections and information. It's your site so you will be determining which way it goes! Best regards, Dick.

Name: Trevor Reynaert (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Tue Jan 30 21:31:05 2001

Comment: Should have added:-
Linesman T85/R12, Neatishead Boulmer 66-74 - Locking instructor 74-77

Worked with and neighbour to Andy Perkins (below) 69-7? - Hi Andy!

Name: Trevor Reynaert (Homepage)


Date: Tue Jan 30 21:24:09 2001

Comment: 105th
emails to follow

Name: Andy Perkins (Homepage)

Country: Uk

Date: Tue Jan 30 15:16:51 2001

Comment: Interesting site.

Spend my RAF time mainly at Boulmer and Bishops Court , Hence interest
Worked on HF 200s for 6/7 years ish.

By the way the T 84 tx was in a big brick built building below the rotating cabin , and the t84 signal processing was in the 12

Name: Rex Turner (Homepage)

Country: Australia

Date: Sat Jan 27 12:42:23 2001

Comment: Fiddled around with Radar in Coastal Command for 10.5 years. Kinloss-Gibraltar-Valley.GCA-TACAN _-Eureka-BABS-Cossor-Decca-Plessey AR1

Name: Ray Spiers (Homepage)

Country: uk

Date: Thu Jan 25 23:29:13 2001

Comment: It really is super to see your site. I was stationed at RAF Chigwell 1954-56 (Ground Radar Cal Unit) and have located approx 80 of the chaps who served there. We had a re-union in 1989 and I would suggest starting (so there is a record) a list on your site (or perhaps a fresh site) of all past Radar personnel. I would assist locating people

Name: Richard (Dick) Harcourt G7MUB (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Thu Jan 25 14:35:18 2001

Comment: Thanks for the website. Am researching for a Canadian amateur radio friend who does not have access to the net. He was a Chain Home Radar Technician during the war. Trained at Lincoln Tech College and now lives in Lincolnshire. Actually there are two of them and was talking to them on the radio this morning and discussing this very subject.
Me I was trained as a Ground Wireless Mechanic at Locking and my first posti

Name: Graham Beeston (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Sat Dec 30 11:58:35 2000

Comment: I will revisit your 'Radar' pages as I have only just discovered them and tempus fugit (or something like that).

I was in 209th at Locking and worked mainly on TACAN and airfield radars.

Name: Dick Barrett (Homepage)

Country: Scotland

Date: Thu Dec 28 15:46:27 2000

Comment: Here it is at last - the "Radar Pages" very own guest book! Please take a few minutes to send in your comments. Your feedback is invaluable and will help the future development of the "Radar Pages".

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