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Name: Richard House (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Sat Mar 24 11:39:36 2001

Comment: Hi. I 'served' with the DECCA Company in 1968/1969. As a Civilian in Estimating & Planning New Maden, Surrey. Also Naval stuff. Then moved onto (Cold-War) Mainframe Computer Operations. Plessey Radar. Then a spell with Satellite Research and Laser Tracking, and Targeting Analysis. Then I went into a Commercial Career at Lloyd's of London. Does this allow me Membership of your Club or Society? Regards, Richard House.

Name: Dave Henry (Homepage)

Country: U.K.

Date: Fri Mar 23 20:55:59 2001

Comment: Liked the site. It brought back memories. I started off on a Type 21 (sort of) in 1951 at Dyce. Was on the first T84 crew at R.A.F. Boulmer from early '64 until late '69. At that time the sig. processing equipt. was in the 84 building. Keep it up, I've book marked your site. Dave

Name: Ray Johannessen (Homepage)

Country: Britain

Date: Thu Mar 22 08:52:26 2001

Comment: I am an Ex Fighter Controller and served in the RAF for 25 years from 1958. I have been with Marconi Radar for the past 17 years. I have forwared your web page address to some compatriots of mine who were serving with the RAF in the 50s. Nice site, keep it up.

Name: John H. Seddon C.Eng M.I.E.E. (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Wed Mar 21 21:29:08 2001

Comment: Great web site.
I work for Alenia Marconi Systems (23 yrs) (9yrs in R.E.M.E working on radars previous)and your site came up on our company news page.
I worked on Green Ginger used with Thunderbird II SAGW during cold war , regards John.
PS:Worked on 17 types of radar so far, I love it, it's in the blood!.

Name: Dave Emery (Homepage)

Country: England

Date: Wed Mar 21 17:22:43 2001

Comment: A very interesting site. It may be of interest that a now declassified report on the Cobra Mist OTH radar formerly at Orfordness is available at
This includes quite an amount of technical data.

Name: John H. Seddon C.Eng M.I.E.E (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Wed Mar 21 13:14:21 2001

Comment: Excellent web site, I shall be getting in touch w.r.t radar experience.
I've worked on military radars since I was 17.5, in the services (9yrs) and now as a radar engineer with Marconi (23 yrs), ~
16 different types.

Name: Martin Hollmann (Homepage)

Country: USA

Date: Fri Mar 9 20:54:38 2001

Comment: You really have a great web site. Congratulations on a job well done. If you have a chance could you take a new look at
My father was one of the real pioneers in radar. Would you add him to your site. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Name: Chris Googe (Homepage)

Country: England

Date: Sat Feb 24 18:40:12 2001

Comment: Well researched site. Ex Locking App, 103rd, I was on 3rd line servicing on T84 at Staxton Wold 68-76, also at Neatishead at the time of the fire 1966. One slight error about the T84, the Tx/Rx was in the building beneath the the RADAR.

Name: Vic Gibbs (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Mon Feb 19 12:28:48 2001

Comment: Hi, I was in the 88th at Locking, followed by 3 years at Boulmer, 2+ KLT, and finaly at Buchan. Down the hole, and T80, FPS6, T54, PDU, Trainers etc, T7, T14, T15. Convoy and fixed systems. I live in West London, north of LHR. If you are interested in stories about some of these, then drop me an e-mail with your phone no.
Best Regards
Vic Gibbs

Name: Michael Palmer (Homepage)


Date: Wed Feb 7 23:40:37 2001

Comment: During my military service with the RAF from 1952-54 I served in 90 Group as part of the GRCU (Ground Radar Calibration Unit). Our task was to check the accuracy of all the CH stations from Sennen Cove in Cornwall along the south coast and then up the east coast to the Orkneys. The system used was to track a plane flying a fixed course then plot any divergency. Once this was establised the aerial arrays were adjusted accordingly. Seems like only yesterday!

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