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Name: Dick Barrett (Homepage)  
Country: Scotland, UK Date: Mon Oct 29 16:24:59 2001  
Comment: Hi folks, Thanks for all the feedback and comments. Please note that The Radar Pages has a new address, My Email address is now The story behind the site move is in "The News", needless to say this has been a major hassle and it will take me a while to get back on track, sorry about this. Regards, Dick  

Name: Syd Atkinson (Homepage)  
Country: Canada Date: Sat Oct 27 21:38:32 2001  
Comment: To Brian Mulvana Hello, It's about 50yrs since I last tuned a CHL TX type 2 or 7 .If I've got it right The Pulse width was 3,5or8 u/sec PRF fixed about 200.Range often 200 miles. Trimingham T80 in use early 55, Bard Hill had one sooner was it the prototype?  

Name: Arthur Selikoff (Homepage)  
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 24 17:06:14 2001  
Comment: An place that seldom, if ever,is referenced regarding the development of radar in WWII is the Bartle Institute. It was located at Swarthmore college at the time, although now it isa part of the U. of Delaware. Dwight Prater, who was a member of the National Institute of Engineering,
worked there. He described Bartle's relationship to MIT as being responsible for the scientific research, with MIT responsible for the engineering. This work is not mentioned in Dr. Brown's recent book on radar. I

Name: Tony West (Homepage)  
Country: UK Date: Thu Oct 18 20:11:19 2001  
Comment: T 84 fitter at Staxton Wold, 1985-88. Worked on 3rd line repair of T 84. I have still got training notes from T84 Q course, is that sad?!! Superb site, slight addition to T84 page with referance to signal breakthrough on TV channels. In Neatishead a second harmonic filter was fitted in the waveguide on the ceiling, this prevented Anglia TV from being interfered with! Keep up the site. signed JAFAD (some of you know what that means!!)  

Name: Syd Atkinson (Homepage)  
Country: Canada Date: Sun Oct 14 22:02:20 2001  
Comment: Found you looking for Rotor. About me .RAF Radar Fitter G . Yatesbury 47/51 ,Instructor CHL& 21 Convoy. 51/55 Trimingham via 90 Grp ICTC. Time at Buchan . 57/62 Can Marconi Tech Rep Pine Tree all the way from Frobisher to Prince George .Any contacts ? Names from Yatesbury (Grnd School),Doe, Bannon ,Ashton, Gutteridge,White,Stabler ,Nelson ,Petley. From Trimingham . Taff Draper ,Dewes, Scott ,G  

Name: Dick Barrett (Homepage)  
Country: Scotland, UK Date: Fri Oct 12 07:36:57 2001  
Comment: The house move was completed with all the usual panics, delays and frights (thank God for St. John's Wort!) and I got to load and drive a 7.5 ton truck (with tail lift!) for 130 miles! Thanks for all your E-mails folks, as soon as I can get the PC's set up in what will be the study I'll reply to you all!  

Name: Alan Darbyshire (Homepage)  
Country: UK Date: Tue Oct 2 20:12:54 2001  
Comment: Thanks for the info Dick..I am looking for info on the older radar Technology and your help is invaluable....keep up the good work.

Apprentice 213 Entry RAF Locking....Worked on Airfield Radar (RAF Valley) and T85 (RAF Staxton Wold)

Name: Jan (daughter of Bill Sexton) (Homepage)  
Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 04:06:57 2001  
Comment: My dad, Bill Sexton, Capt. USAF,Ret., worked on radar sites for 8 years (I think) of his AF career. He was at Keesler AFB, Miss. then on to Giebelstadt, Germany 1949-1952, Saratoga Springs 1952-1954, Newfoundland and Goose Bay, Labrador 1957. Trying to get info on health effects from microwave radiation. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
Will read more of the site when I have time.

Name: Wee B C (Homepage)  
Country: Singapore Date: Mon Sep 17 14:04:16 2001  
Comment: Great Stuff, worked on Radars while I was in the Air Force here and the work is commendable. Keep it up. Are more pages coming up?


Name: Dick Barrett (Homepage)  
Country: Scotland Date: Wed Sep 5 16:54:44 2001  
Comment: Thanks for all your comments and input folks. I've not had much time to spare for The Radar Pages recently, with summer holidays and a church website to build etc. and I'm about to move house in 5 weeks too!! Normal service will resume ASAP. Ta, Dick  

Name: Dave Quantrill (Homepage)  
Country: UK Date: Sun Aug 26 17:03:01 2001  
Comment: Nice site. Brought back a load of memories  

Name: Mark Evans (Homepage)  
Country: England Date: Wed Aug 15 21:02:56 2001  
Comment: Currently work on the T93, but previously on the HF200, and AA4 Mk7, and a little bit on T91 and T84, mostly at Neatishead in 1980's. Some of T93 info is duff, but site is excellent!  

Name: Jan Waernberg (Homepage)  
Country: Sweden Date: Fri Aug 10 08:21:10 2001  
Comment: Nice page and really interesting. I am myself making research on Swedish radar ("eko-radio = echo-radio)development during WW II: In 1944 15 Swedish produced radars sets was in use by the Navy in 10 ships and the others on coastal stations, together with the first 5 to 20 AMES Mk 6 sets bought summer 1944 from United Kingdom and the first 25 Würzburg sets bought in spring 1944 from Germany. I am happy to see that interest in radar research have been developing the last years.
Baesta haelsnin

Name: Fred Chesson (Homepage)  
Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 29 03:50:37 2001  
Comment: Visit my Very Eclectic home page at the above URL:
"Everything from Radar Beacons to Raising Bullfrogs!"

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