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Biographical sites:

Memoirs of a Boffin (formerly Radar To The Future - The Story of a Boffin) by Dr. J. Rennie Whitehead is a detailed account of the life of one of the radar pioneers. The author recalls his life in his memoirs at His experiences during the early years of radar will be of great interest to researchers. The author has led a full and active life in the public, academic and industrial spheres and you can learn more at Dr. J. Rennie Whitehead passed away in March 2012.

A former colleague of Alec Reeves, the man who conceived the OBOE blind bombing system, has launched a web site - - devoted to Reeves.  It has a great deal of interesting material, plus an associated discussion group.  Part of the object of the latter is to provide a forum for collecting anecdotes and information for use in the biography of Alec Reeves that David Robertson is writing.

Academic sites:

The Federation of American Scientists was founded in 1945 by members of the Manhattan Project who produced the first atomic bomb and their web site at is a gold mine of information on military, political and nuclear matters. The Military Analysis section at is of particular interest to military researchers.

You can get your very own copy of "Searching The Skies" at the FAS site: HTML PDF

Government and Corporate sites:

The Royal Air Force has its own extensive web site at

The Royal Air Force Community Support pages provide a wealth of information for serving and veteran Royal Air Force personnel and their families at

What are British forces getting up to world wide? You can find out at The Ministry of Defence web site at

The British National Air Traffic Service has its web site at

Just come up on the National Lottery? Fancy building your own air defence system? Need an AN/FPS-6 for that weekend project? Then pop along to The Radio Research Instrument Company, the one stop shop for all your radar needs. The Radio Research Instrument Company has stocks of surplus U.S. military radar equipment, all available at reasonable rates subject to status (friendly to the U.S.A., voted Republican, likes missile systems and so on) with the U.S. Department Of Defence . The site doesn't feature a shopping cart yet but you can view the on line catalogue and contact them by Email. This is a very useful source of information for researchers (Incidentally they only had four AN/FPS-6's in stock when I checked so you'd better hurry!).

Whilst it doesn't have much to do with radar IPS Radio and Space Services is worth a look. IPS is an Australian government department that provides the Australian radio propagation and space environment service and their web site at is well worth a visit. There is also a very useful Sun-Satellite Interference Prediction Calculator that I use to provide the Sun Outage information for the satellite earth stat ions that I work with. It is very easy to use and the results are very accurate.

Contact Addresses:

The Editor, The Radar Pages


Contact the editor

Bawdsey Radar Research Group

Contact: Mr. John Langford
11 Larchcroft Road

News letter: The Beam

<>Public Record Office
Ruskin Avenue
TW9 4DU.

Tel: 020 8876 3444

Historical Radar Archive
Study of UK Radar Network
Contact: Mr. Ian Brown,
3 Kingsmuir Crescent,
EH45 90AB

Air Historical Branch (RAF)
Building 266
RAF Bentley Priory

Department of Documents
Imperial War Museum
Lambeth Road

Tel: 020 7416 5221/5222/5226

Fax: 020 7416 5374

Department of Research and Information Services
Royal Air Force Museum
Grahame Park Way

Tel: 020 8205 2266

 Perso nnel Management Agency

For enquiries about officers' records of service:

PMA (CS)2a (2)a (RAF)


For Enquiries about airmen's records of service:

PMA (CS) 2a (2)b (RAF)

Both located at:

Building 248
HQ RAF Personnel & Training Command
RAF Innsworth

Personnel Management Agency

For records of decorations and citations:

AMP Sec 1c
Room F93 Building 255
HQ RAF Personnel & Training Command
RAF Innsworth


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