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lemon01.gif Note: A lemon alongside an item indicates that the link is not working at present. If anyone can provide a correction please get in touch with me via the Contact the Editor page. Web masters: Please keep me advised of current URL's, you don't want to lose any visitors!

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Enjoy super-fast surfing at an amazing low price. Up to 8Mb broadband for under £15. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.Plusnet, The Radar Pages ISP, runs a client referral scheme. You can find out more about the Free-Online products by clicking on one of these images. The Radar Pages has been hosted with Free-Online since October 2001 and we have set up our company web sites with them too. To date I have had no cause for complaint, the portal is terrific and our technical queries have always been dealt with rapidly and effectively by the best Technical Support team I have ever dealt with. There are a number of value added solutions such as Communications, Productivity and Security that can be used to enhance the service. The Security package has more than paid for itself since we selected it for The Radar Pages. Researching and running a comprehensive web site like the The Radar Pages involves a small amount of financial outlay on items such as postage, ISP charges, hardware and software. If you decide to take up any of the offers The Radar Pages will receive a small discount on the ISP's monthly bill that will help to offset some of the costs incurred in researching and editing The Radar Pages.


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Excellent technical tips and information can be found at the following web sites:

it's Magic! Are you plagued by Spam? Are you fed up of receiving a barrage of filth and junk? Did you know that Spammers often hide code in their messages that can identify your Email address as "live", thus enabling them to clean up their address lists and hit you with more spam? Did you know that virus distributors often hide their havoc in spam messages? The quickest and easiest way to get rid of spam is to delete it directly from the mail server, before it gets to your PC, before it can identify your email address as live and before it can do any damage to your PC. Magic Mail Monitor is a shareware Post Office Protocol v3 (POP3) compliant Email notifier for Windows that lets you look at your mail on your ISP's Email server directly, without down loading it. You can then delete the obvious spam immediately and examine suspect mails before deciding to down load your mail into your mail programme. This is much more efficient than using Web mail facilities to clean up the mail server for instance. I've been making extensive use of this little gem; our mail server was receiving 1300+ spam mails a day recently and without this programme we'd have been up all night clearing up the mess. Valeriy Ovechkin has made his Magic Mail Monitor freely available at

Al Vonkeman and Vicky Tejada have some great Network Calculators on their web site at  This set of calculators is especially useful if you're new to networking in that they also provides detailed explanations of the "How's and Why's" of network IP addressing. The calculators include Subnet masks, Network/Node, TCP/IP/Binary/Hex/Decimal IP address convertor and Submask convertor. It is a really useful tool and I often refer to it at work.

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Anti Virus Software:

AVG 7.0 Anti-Virus System from Grisoft Inc. It works, it's easy to use and it's free. What more could you want? Find out more at


Web site construction:

 Arguably the best magazine for web site constructors available. Anywhere. Really. A great magazine with great articles, great cover discs and a great web site. What more could a body ask for? Most of the software used to build "The Radar Pages" came from the free cover discs that come with .Net magazine. Well worth the subscription and you can also see the .Net web site for yourself at The web site is the logical extension of the magazine, it hosts many useful articles for both tyro and experienced site builders and you can down load software to make the task so much easier.


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